These three famous letters represent more than four decades of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality filler materials for a wide number of applications today. UTP's products are employed in virtually all branches of industry all over the world.

One important reason for the company's tremendous success is due to it's corporate philosophy :

The Welding Solutions are developed through close co-operation with the customer and are therefore unique and highly application - specific.

UTP SALES Head Office is centrally located in Brisbane and services Australia and the Pacific Basin. Technically qualified personnel are located in all major Capital Cities as well as Fiji, New Zealand and PNG. Our head office is located in Germany.


Experience keeps us a step ahead.
What can we do for you?

We offer a complete range of filler metals, our greatest strength lies in the segment of high-alloyed materials. Our expertise in the field of high temperature and creep resistant applications is based upon many years of experience and extensive research into creep rupture behavior under long period stressing under the most varied conditions. In the construction of boilers, for instance, this experience offers a particular advantage, since it guarantees the fabricator, surveyor and owner companies a very high degree of safety. We can offer you the optimum solution for any high grade or special steel, no matter which welding process you require - even for dissimilar joints!

Our Nickel-base alloys are the preferred choice for specialised applications in the petrochemical industry and environmental technology. We are also one of the leading developers and manufacturers of welding electrodes and wires for the pipeline industry.

We are not only the ideal partner for new construction and manufacturing projects but also for all aspects of maintenance and repair welding. The highly specialised nature of these tasks makes distinctive demands, which we cover with our extensive know-how and complete range of products and services. A further area of our experience is in wearing protection. In the event of a problem, we never leave you to your own devices: our experienced, knowledgeable and flexible customer service personnel will gladly answer all your technical questions and propose economical solutions - anywhere in Australia and the Pacific Basin.